From February of last year to February of this year I had six family members pass away on just my side of the family. Most of them were Great Aunts and Uncles. There were a couple of distant cousins also. The two that made the most impact were my dad and my grandma. My dad’s death was very sudden. He was still young. My relationship with my dad was a very complicated one. It seems as though the grieving process has been complicated also. My grandma, my dad’s mom, passed away almost 8 months to the day of my dad’s passing. It has been a long year and I am ready for a new season. I find myself unable to listen to certain types of music right now. They make me irritable, jumpy, sad, depressed, angry, and confused. So, I have been listening to mostly classical. I have always loved classical music. My children are learning to recognize more movements and who they were composed by. It has been lovely. My photography has slowed down quit a bit. I have, until recently, had no motivation with it.

Here are a couple of pictures from the church where my dad’s and my grandma’s memorial service was held.



We had a Superbowl party at work. I actually handed off my camera to someone to get in front of it with my children.


I have been trying to find the light and play with shadows also. Here are a few fun images.




Project 52 Blog Circle- Week 10

We had lots of holiday activities last week so I really did not have a chance to pick up my camera for week 9. This week I have been playing with freelensing and light. Here are some of my attempts. I will definitely be playing with this some more.





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Project 52- Week 8

This week I thought I would share a kind of self portrait. I have had the cloth to sew a bag for my crochet hooks for over a year last year. Obviously, I was not going to sew a bag anytime soon. Last night I got to thinking about when I made pencil holders out of cans for my kids. It was like a light bulb went off. I grabbed a hook and covered these two cans, cleaned all of the unnecessary stuff off one of my dressers, and put my hooks in their new home.


Please follow the circle around to Jen to see what she has been up to.

Project 52 Blog Circle- Week 4

This week I had trouble picking up my camera so I am publishing some pictures that have been sitting on my computer for a couple of months. Before school started I decided that we needed to have an outing. We did not go anywhere special, but we got out of the house and explored. Superman joined us after he was done with work. We have been to this location many times and I always love the lighting in these first two pictures.IMG_7195blog

Of course getting my three children to cooperate to take a picture is well, sometimes difficult. However, this picture does show their personalities. Mini Me, Tude, and Pure Boy posing for a picture.IMG_7206blog

After that I turned to taking some nature pictures.IMG_7171blog IMG_7222blog

I could not decide which composition I liked better.IMG_7228blog

Superman’s arrival. I love that I captured this moment of Tude walking back with her dad.IMG_7231blogIMG_7310blog

Walking some nature trails.IMG_7238blog

We think that this rock formation looks like a series of sock monkey faces…IMG_7266blog

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This year we celebrated Christmas with Superman’s family the day after Christmas. Every year we draw names and for whomever you get you are supposed to make them a present. Most of the pictures are of everyone opening their presents from the person who got them. My father-in-law drew my name and made me a metal trivet that I will post a picture of later. I love it!















Pure Boy was sooo tired by the end of the night. I heard someone playing the piano and looked over and it was him. It sounded really good for someone who was just making up his own music.